Self-Examination: Key To Life After Divorce

For many, after living as a pair for so long, it’s important to recognize that you are a unique and valuable person on your own. I often tell my clients, “You are a whole person by yourself and not half of anything.” You may have some work to do to get back to recognizing that and the point when you begin to enjoy living life post-divorce may depend on where you are in the timeline of recovery. You may have children to care for, or you may not. You may be under 40, exhilarated and ready to … [Read more...]

Cognitive Therapy: Taking Control of Your Negative Thoughts and Feelings

Maybe a few of these situations sound familiar? Does bad luck creep into your life often? Do you find it hard to shake off a passing comment from a friend? Do you frequently anticipate aggravating conversations with coworkers? Are you physically tired due to a lack of sleep from feeling depressed and anxious? Do you overreact when your child misbehaves? Your frustrations and feelings of sadness, anger, and anxiousness may seem uncontrollable, but did you know that you could learn tools … [Read more...]

Back-to-school, Back-to-Busy?

Back-to-school: It’s exciting (New clothes! New notebooks! Structure! Childcare!), but stressful too, because it brings with it: homework, the sleep schedule adjustment and, of course, an overwhelming array of afterschool activities. I believe that parents should expose their children to a broad range of activities, so that a child can develop a passion. But I warn parents to be on their guard, especially in the new school year, that they don’t let their children become involved in too many … [Read more...]

Intel Science Competition Teenagers (June Inspiration)

We hear so many bad things about teenagers…the time they spend on electronic devices, the lack of motivation, the use of drugs, lack of respect for parents and on and on. So it was wonderful when, a few months ago, I read an article in The New York Times dated March11, 2013 about some of the finalists in the Intel Science Competition. This prestigious competition used to be called the Westinghouse Science Talent Search and of those who have won it, seven have gone on to win Nobel Prizes and 11 … [Read more...]

Tips for Stress-free Summer Fun with the Kids

School will soon be out for summer. Many moms are exhausted just thinking about that final ring of the school bell that marks the last day of uninterrupted days. For the kids, however, the bell signifies freedom from schoolwork and rigid schedules. It’s been a few months since spring break and they’re feverish for activities with friends and family. Mom, are you mentally and emotionally prepared to switch up the routine? The pressure is on and expectations may be high. You are responsible for … [Read more...]