At the Heath Psychology Center, we believe that people can take control of their lives, and face their challenges and problems with confidence. We help our patients build on their existing strengths, and add effective new skills for greater fulfillment and growth. Our approach, which includes cognitive-behavioral therapy, is learning-focused and solution-oriented. By teaching patients about the role their thoughts and feelings play in their lives, they are better able to understand and change their behaviors.
Alison Block, Ph.D.

Alison Block, Ph.D.

Are you struggling with anxiety or depression?
Are your family relationships causing you stress? Is your job unsatisfying yet you feel trapped?
Is your marriage less than you want it to be? Do you feel that you need to do a better job of helping your adolescent?
There are many situations that can be helped by talking to a professional, someone who can help you sort out the issues, deal with the emotions, and understand where change is needed and how to achieve those changes.



  • We work as a team with our patients because we know it is easier to make changes with a caring professional to guide you
  • We begin with a thorough assessment.
  • We work with you to understand your problems and help to set goals to solve them.
  • We work as a team with the members of your support system –  family, friends, doctors, educators, or any person who cares about you.
  • We help you build the necessary skills to lead a balanced happy life.