“On Our Sleeves” is a movement to transform Children’s Mental Health

On Our Sleeves

I get so many ads a day in my email that I skip most of them. I almost skipped this one from Big Lots, but the picture of a beautiful little child stopped my mouse. She represents an organization called "On Our Sleeves" that supports mental health treatment for children.  One in five children in our country has mental health issues. Many do not get the treatment they need in normal times, no less during the coronavirus pandemic when so many hospitals and mental health clinics are … [Read more...]

Caregiving & Isolation


Three months ago, my husband had a stroke. Doctors told us we were lucky it was not worse: he could speak, find words, and only needed to learn to walk and use his left arm again. The process of rehabilitation began, and I was so proud of him for his motivation and how hard he worked. But I realized that I was struggling with feelings that had little to do with his stroke specifically and more to do with how it had impacted our life as a couple, as well as my life individually. I limited my … [Read more...]