Book Review: The Gift of Adversity by Norman E. Rosenthal, M.D.

You might ask yourself “why would I want to read a book about adversity?” Perhaps, for me, it was because I grew up with a lot of it. My father died when I was seven, and my first stepfather passed away during my sophomore year in college. So the subtitle of Norman Rosenthal’s book, The Unexpected Benefits of Life’s Difficulties, Setbacks, and Imperfections intrigued me enough to crack the cover. Adversity in life is unavoidable, so I wondered what Dr. Rosenthal could teach me that life’s … [Read more...]

Book Review: Asperger Love by Amy Harmon

In her Kindle book Asperger Love: Searching for Romance When You’re Not Wired to Connect, Amy Harmon writes with warmth and empathy as she follows Jack Robison and Kirsten Lindsmith through their day-to-day lives. Both of them have Asperger’s disorder and although they love one another, they struggle daily with the role that their inability to read social cues plays in their desire to find closeness and intimacy in a relationship. For those of us who have worked with Asperger’s patients, this … [Read more...]