Teaching Equality to your Children


My mother raised us to believe that all people were equal. It did not matter where you came from, what language you spoke, or what the color of your skin was. This was not surprising for a woman who was the daughter of immigrants and whose parents still talked with an accent.   It was not until I was a freshman in college that I found out that my mother had been taught some serious racial bias. I was horrified. But the good thing was that she knew that the way she felt was wrong, and she did … [Read more...]

“On Our Sleeves” is a movement to transform Children’s Mental Health

On Our Sleeves

I get so many ads a day in my email that I skip most of them. I almost skipped this one from Big Lots, but the picture of a beautiful little child stopped my mouse. She represents an organization called "On Our Sleeves" that supports mental health treatment for children.  One in five children in our country has mental health issues. Many do not get the treatment they need in normal times, no less during the coronavirus pandemic when so many hospitals and mental health clinics are … [Read more...]



Early in March, I received an email about leadership from the consulting firm, KornFerry. I read it and put it aside, not thinking too much about it. Now, almost ten weeks into the coronavirus pandemic “shelter at home” period, I picked it up again. Whether you have your own business, whether you work for someone else, or if you are just observing how our elected officials are leading our country during this time, recognizing good leadership skills can be important. And during a period such as … [Read more...]

Helping Anxious Kids During the Time of Coronavirus

stressed child

Most of the time, children are resilient.  They bounce back pretty quickly.  Of course, there are always those kids who have a harder time with change or with difficult circumstances, kids that Dr. Thomas Boyce refers to as the “orchids” in the greenhouse They are the ones who are more sensitive to their environment than usual and require more attention than the average child.  Understanding the Orchid Child    Today, however, it may feel like every child is an orchid.  With the coronavirus … [Read more...]

Stress & Coping in the Time of Coronavirus


No one needs to tell us that we are stressed about the COVID-19 pandemic. We are all suffering from chronic stress – fatigue, irritability, changes in our eating habits, problems sleeping, difficulty concentrating – because of the uncertainty that this illness brings. And because it has gone on so long, the constant stress disrupts our ability to remember things and pay attention. Just yesterday, a friend put her milk in the freezer instead of in the refrigerator. Another friend called me, sure … [Read more...]