2021: What Kind of Year Will You Create for Yourself?

Traditionally, at the end of the year, we talk about making resolutions. What are the things we want to do to change our lives? We make a list and start out with good intentions, but within 30 days that list has usually gone into the garbage pail. It’s not that we don’t have a desire to change, it is that the list is too long, not prioritized, and we haven’t figured out the “why,” the real reason we want to do those things.    But after a year like 2020, a year of a presidential … [Read more...]

Oklahoma’s Recent Tornado Devastation Means Reflection for Many on the Jersey Shore

As I watched the televised pictures of the devastation in Oklahoma, I  thought  about how the adults and children there are suffering. Some are suffering from the trauma of experiencing the tornado, some from watching loved ones get injured, some from the loss of their homes, and others even more so from the loss of the lives of loved ones. It was a small step from there, to reflect on the trauma that the people on the Jersey Shore suffered as a result of Superstorm Sandy last October. At a … [Read more...]