Oklahoma’s Recent Tornado Devastation Means Reflection for Many on the Jersey Shore

As I watched the televised pictures of the devastation in Oklahoma, I  thought  about how the adults and children there are suffering. Some are suffering from the trauma of experiencing the tornado, some from watching loved ones get injured, some from the loss of their homes, and others even more so from the loss of the lives of loved ones. It was a small step from there, to reflect on the trauma that the people on the Jersey Shore suffered as a result of Superstorm Sandy last October.

At a time like this, I think it  is helpful to think about how far we have come in the recovery at the shore, and to realize that we are truly Jersey Strong. But our children may again be afraid and it will help to reassure them, and  to not let them repeatedly see pictures of the tornado-wrought devastation. The governor of Oklahoma pointed out that they too are strong, have been through things like this before and will recover. But recovery takes a lot of helping hands and I think the people of the Jersey Shore are in a unique position to empathize and to reach out and help. Letters from children to the children in the two schools that were destroyed, small packages of everyday toilet articles, blankets, clothing, bedding and food — all of it can be used.  All of us can empathize with the pain that the people of Moore, Oklahoma are experiencing. Reaching out to help in any way you can is a way to turn sadness and worry into something positive that can really make a difference.

Visit the American Red Cross and Salvation Army for ways to help.