Mindful Eating

You have gotten thru the holidays and have determined that you will not get on the scale. You know that your jeans are tight and that is enough to cause you to beat yourself up! This happens every year at the end of December and you also know that making a New Year’s resolution to go on a diet is the wrong thing to do, because it is just one more factor that pressures you to lose weight and eat healthily. And it will not work! The other day, I was going through my emails and didn’t even … [Read more...]

Behavioral Interventions to Conquer Emotional Overeating

As infants we instinctively knew when to stop eating. A physical sensation or trigger in our mind acknowledged that our physical needs had been met and that our body was no longer in need of nourishment. The body and mind were satisfied. Then as we aged and our responsibilities grew, we began to associate different emotions and situations with food. We used eating as an easy way to fill needs or solve problems not being dealt with in our lives. As a child, you may have been anxious about a … [Read more...]