Discover Your Passion and Improve Your Mental Health

  What role does passion play in our lives? It’s a question I’ve given much thought to lately. I recently had the pleasure of meeting a professional book reviewer and writer at a dinner with friends. It was wonderful to sit and talk with someone who shared my love for reading, and our conversation reminded me of the importance of having a passion and how it brings great meaning to our lives. A passion is something you want to dig into more deeply. It doesn’t matter if the passion … [Read more...]

Looking for Love in All the Right Places

RELATIONSHIPS ARE ALWAYS A TIMELY ISSUE ESPECIALLY AS THE GRAY DAYS OF WINTER GIVE WAY TO SPRING AND OUR “FANCIES TURN TO THOUGHTS OF LOVE”! So often in relationship counseling I see people blaming their partners instead of looking inside themselves. I hope this article encourages spring cleaning of our relationship skills as well as our houses!! Spring has arrived and many people’s thought turn to love and relationships. There are many obvious advantages to finding a relationship partner – … [Read more...]