Discover Your Passion and Improve Your Mental Health

  What role does passion play in our lives? It’s a question I’ve given much thought to lately. I recently had the pleasure of meeting a professional book reviewer and writer at a dinner with friends. It was wonderful to sit and talk with someone who shared my love for reading, and our conversation reminded me of the importance of having a passion and how it brings great meaning to our lives. A passion is something you want to dig into more deeply. It doesn’t matter if the passion … [Read more...]

American Cancer Society Cancer Prevention Study: Be In it to Win It (Good Health, That Is!)

There has been a lot of publicity lately about breast cancer because of the article Peggy Orenstein wrote entitled The Problem with Pink in The New York Times on April 28th. Read about my response to the article on The Patch. In the wake of that discussion it's important that we not forget what we are aiming for: the eradication of not only breast cancer, but all cancers. Today there are nearly 12 million people in the U.S. who have survived cancer and many, many more who have avoided it due … [Read more...]

New Moms and Postpartum Depression

Pregnancy and motherhood can bring on a host of unexpected emotions and stresses. When you leave the hospital with your new bundle of joy, you expect to settle into life at home surrounded by family and friends, flooded with happiness, and enjoying every new moment. What you may find really happens is that your husband immediately returns to work; friends and family may be consumed by their own busy lives; and your baby may eat and sleep at all hours of the day and night leaving you exhausted. … [Read more...]