Words are Just the Beginning

In recent months, prominent public figures, past and present, have been in the news for very different reasons. We mourned the loss of Nelson Mandela, honored the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., and questioned the integrity of Governor Christie. All of these men, known as great speakers, have used their words to motivate audiences. Their words, however, are just the beginning as their actions determine their place in history. Dr. King and Mandela have changed many hearts and minds with their … [Read more...]

A Person is Not a Puppet: A Quick Look at Emotional Manipulation

Every teacher can rattle off a list of excuses given by students to get out of taking a test or to excuse missing homework. If you’ve heard someone make that kind of excuse yourself, you probably thought it had no consequences. So what if the dog that ate their homework was stuffed, or they didn’t really study for the test and copied the answers from someone else? No one got hurt, right? Not quite. What if you are the person who handed in all the homework on time, and were completely prepared … [Read more...]