A Stress-Free Holiday… The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

It’s Christmas Day. Your teenage son is refusing to emerge from his darkened bedroom because the love of his life (relationship duration: three weeks) has broken up with him. Your favorite cousin has fallen (leapt?) off the wagon right in your living room and upended the rum into the eggnog bowl. It’s no longer “laced” with liquor – it’s positively trussed. And while we’re on trussing: Your turkey – that lovely, fresh 22-pounder you had to pay a proverbial arm and leg for – seems to be cooking … [Read more...]

Childfree at the Holidays…What Gifts Can You Give Yourself?

IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. Every time you turn on the radio or television, your hear carols, talk about shopping, pictures of turkeys roasting, and worst of all, another commercial for the latest hot children’s toy! And along with these never-ending messages comes your own picture of how the holidays ought to be. Whether it is the fantasy that you thought you had laid to rest, of a table surrounded by your own children, or the notion that your family would not give you all of the work … [Read more...]