Inspiration: Overcoming Anxiety

Following a talk I presented on anxiety on November 14, 2013 for friends of the Rumson-Fair Haven Friends of Different Learners, a woman shared her inspiring story with me about how she overcame a lifetime of anxiety. I believe we can all relate in some way to her struggle to overcome fear. As we approach the New Year and we think about resolutions, I hope this story will encourage you to think about the things you can do to live a happy, healthy and more productive 2014. Anxiety, whether … [Read more...]

Control: Who’s Got It and Who Wants It?

Remember when you were a kid and played King of the Hill? Or you were playing with dolls and one person always insisted hers was the Queen of the Castle? Well, control issues are about that. When one person insists on always being King of the Hill or Queen of the castle, others are reduced to secondary roles. That raises a whole series of questions, for example: Do you prefer to be subservient? Does the secondary position make you feel less valued? Would you prefer to be King or Queen … [Read more...]