Back-to-school, Back-to-Busy?

Back-to-school: It’s exciting (New clothes! New notebooks! Structure! Childcare!), but stressful too, because it brings with it: homework, the sleep schedule adjustment and, of course, an overwhelming array of afterschool activities. I believe that parents should expose their children to a broad range of activities, so that a child can develop a passion. But I warn parents to be on their guard, especially in the new school year, that they don’t let their children become involved in too many … [Read more...]

The Mother’s Day Gift That Will Keep On Giving

Recently, my younger brother found out that my mother, who had been a concert pianist, had really wanted to be a lawyer.  He was stunned by that revelation. It  got me thinking about how well we know any of our parents.  With all of the advertising for Mother’s Day, and all of the possible gifts and flowers that you can buy, I wondered if there was a more appropriate gift – really getting to know your mom, not just as a mother, but as a person in her own right.  What questions could you ask that … [Read more...]