Is Poor Body Image Ruining Your Day at the Beach?

On the June cover of People Magazine, readers were introduced to Tess Holiday –the world’s first size 22 super model. Happy in her large size, she’s an unlikely poster girl for a positive self-image. But with summer finally here, Tess may just motivate us to start living by dropping the poor body image, instead of those pounds. Sadly, women of all sizes have a poor self-image that holds them back from shedding the layers and soaking in the sun’s rays. On the quest for the “perfect” fit, women … [Read more...]

Tips for Stress-free Summer Fun with the Kids

School will soon be out for summer. Many moms are exhausted just thinking about that final ring of the school bell that marks the last day of uninterrupted days. For the kids, however, the bell signifies freedom from schoolwork and rigid schedules. It’s been a few months since spring break and they’re feverish for activities with friends and family. Mom, are you mentally and emotionally prepared to switch up the routine? The pressure is on and expectations may be high. You are responsible for … [Read more...]