Workshop: Smart But Scattered: Helping Students Cope with Executive Function Challenges

Freehold Regional High School District Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC)


Smart But Scattered: Helping Students Cope with Executive Function Challenges

a Workshop by Alison Block, P.h.D.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Doors Open 6:30/Presentation: 7:00 pm

Colts Neck High School

59 Five Points Road

Colts Neck, New Jersey 07722

Do any of these describe your child?

• Disorganized desk and a messy backpack

• Often loses things

• Forgets to finish or turn in assignments

• Has trouble getting started and sustaining effort at homework

• Seems to “space out” when given complex instructions

• Has difficultly planning ahead and managing time

These are signs of problems with Executive Function, the essential mental tasks, including planning, strategizing, organizing, setting goals, and paying attention to the important details, that help us get things done.

Poor executive function can impact a student academically, socially and emotionally. Join us to learn how we can help students overcome their executive function challenges.

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