The Benefits of Telemedicine

   When the COVID-19 pandemic began, I was unsure of how I would feel about seeing my clients online.  It was so nice to sit in my real office, see their facial expressions and body language, and say goodbye with a smile, or perhaps a hug.  And for the children that I treat, there was always a stuffed animal to take home or a puzzle to play with.

Now that we are 5 months into working virtually, I can say that I truly appreciate the benefits of telemedicine, or telehealth as some call it.  Many of my clients have also shared how much they appreciate it.


* It is convenient, there is no travel time.

*  There is no sitting in waiting rooms.

*  You are in the comfort of your own home.

* We are working on a HIPAA-compliant platform, so there is no worry about privacy.

My younger clients are especially comfortable with screens and find using them completely natural, and we can still draw pictures or tell stories.  For the adults, we can see one another’s entire faces, instead of eyes above a mask, which is what I would see if we were back in the office.

Even when treating couples, I have found that telemedicine allows me more scheduling flexibility so that it is easier to get both partners online, even if they are in different locations at the time of the appointment.

Though the pandemic caused many difficulties, I have learned that it was beneficial to try something new and we will continue to use it for some clients even when the pandemic is over.   Telemedicine is the silver lining to the disruption of COVID-19.

Please don’t wait to seek help just because you cannot be seen in person.  You will be surprised at how comfortable you can feel during a virtual therapy session.   Call my office to set up your next session at 732-933-1333.