Thanks to Tara Parker-Pope for this eloquently worded statement of gratitude. I too give thanks to all of the people whose names I do not know, who made my life easier during the pandemic. And thanks also to the friends and family who were there virtually and in-person whose support was invaluable. Stay safe and healthy everyone.

“GRATITUDE: I want to close this newsletter with an expression of gratitude to all the people who have helped us cope this year. Let’s start with our health care workers! It’s hard to imagine the trauma of caring for Covid-19 patients. These workers not only witness daily suffering, but they are making great sacrifices, often staying separate from family members and sometimes getting the illness — and dying — themselves. About 100 hospital groups have started an ad campaign on behalf of health workers, urging all of us to take precautions. We also need to remember the grocery store workers allowing us to food shop, the mail and delivery workers and the countless others who have continued to work on the front lines during this crisis. This Thanksgiving, I’m giving thanks for all of you. Stay well.”