“On Our Sleeves” is a movement to transform Children’s Mental Health

I get so many ads a day in my email that I skip most of them. I almost skipped this one from Big Lots, but the picture of a beautiful little child stopped my mouse. She represents an organization called “On Our Sleeves” that supports mental health treatment for children.

On Our Sleeves  One in five children in our country has mental health issues. Many do not get the treatment they need in normal times, no less during the coronavirus pandemic when so many hospitals and mental health clinics are closed.

The ad I received not only supported Mental Health Awareness month but also promoted GRATITUDE as a way to improve mental health. Research has shown that expressing gratitude can improve your mood, and showing it can make you more optimistic. Practicing gratitude can even improve your physical health.

Today, please think about what you are grateful for and why. Think about WHO you are grateful for and why. Try to make the practice of gratitude a daily event, for your health and the health of your children.

Although “On Our Sleeves” is affiliated with the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio, children all over our country need mental health assistance. Anxiety and depression are soaring in our country and children suffer whether they have a diagnosis or they live in homes with parents who do. You can go to the On Your Sleeves Website, put in your state, and be directed to mental health services that are in your local area.

On Your Sleeves – You Tube Video

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